Компютърни Акроними - C

Акронима - съкращение, образувано от началните букви на други думи!

 CAD  Computer Aided Design
 CAM  Computer Aided Manufacturing
 CAM  Content Addressable Memory
 CAM  Common Access Method
 CAN  Controller Area Network
 CANBUS  Controller Area Network BUS
 CAPPS (II)  Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System (II)
 CARO  Computer Anti-virus Researcher's Organization
 CAS  Column Address Strobe
 CBM  Cluster BitMap
 CBX  Common Branch eXtender
 CCD  Charge Coupled Device
 CCITT  Consultative Committee of International Telephony and Telegraphy
 CD  Carrier Detect
 CD  Compact Disc
 CDDI  Copper Distributed Data Interface
 CDMA  Code Division Multiple Access
 CDR  Compact Disc Recordable
 CDROM  Compact Disk Read Only Memory
 CDRW (CD-RW)  Compact Disc-ReWritable
 CELP  Code Excited LP
 CEPT  Conference of European Post and Telecommunications
 CGA  Colour Graphics Adapter
 CGI  Common Gateway Interface
 CHS  Cylinder Head Sector
 CHT  Cylinder Head Temperature
 CISC  Complex Instruction-Set Computer
 CLA  Carry Look-ahead Adder
 CLI  Command Line Interface
 CME  Clock Monitor Enable
 CMOS  Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
 CMS  CAN Message Specification
 CMS  Content Management System / Central Management Software
 CMYK  Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black
 CNR  Communications and Network Riser
 COB  Communication Object
 COBOL  COmmon Business-Orientated Language
 CODEC  COder / DECoder
 COM  Common Access Method
 COM  Component Object Model
 CORBA  Common Object Request Broker Architecture
 CORDIC  COordinate Rotation DIgital Computer
 CP/M  Control Program / Monitor
 CPI  Clocks Per Instruction
 CPU  Central Processing Unit
 CQFP  Ceramic Quad Flat Pack
 CR  Carriage Return
 CRC  Cyclical Redundancy Check
 CRIMM  Continuity RIMM
 CRQ  Command Response Queue
 CRT  Cathode Ray Tube
 CS  Code Segment
 CS  Chip Select
 CSI  Code Sequence Identification
 CSMA/CD  Carrier Sense Multiple-Access /with Collision Detect
 CSP  Concurrent architecture Signal Processor
 CSR  Command Status Register
 CSS  Cascading Style Sheet
 CST  Container Security Breach (aka door open)
 CSTN  Color Super-Twist Nematic
 CSV  Comma Separated Values
 CTS  Clear To Send
 CU  Control Unit
 CVBS  Composite Video Signals
 CVI  Composite Video Interface
 CVW  Collaborative Virtual Workspace

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