Компютърни Акроними - P

Акронима - съкращение, образувано от началните букви на други думи!

 P2P  Peer-to-Peer (Point-to-Point)
 PAC  PCI AGP Controller
 PAD  Portable Application Description
 PAL  Processor Abstraction Layer
 PAL  Programmable Array Logic
 PAP  Password Authentication Protocol
 PB  Push Button
 PBX  Private Branch eXtender
 PC  Personal Computer, Program Counter
 PCB  Printed Circuit Board
 PCI  Peripheral Component Interconnect
 PCL  Printer Control Language
 PCM  Pulse Code Modulation
 PCMCIA  Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
 PDA  Personal Digital Assistant
 PDF  Portable Document Format
 PDO  Process Data Object
 PE  Processor Element
 PERL  Practical Extraction and Report Language
 PFC  Power Factor Correction
 PFF  Page Fault Frequency
 PFI  Programmable Function Input
 PGA  Professional Graphics Array
 PGA  Pin Grid Array
 PGA  Programmable Gain Amplifier
 PGIA  Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifier
 PGP  Pretty Good Privacy
 PHP  Personal Home Page / Hyper Text Preprocessor
 PHP  Personal Hyper text Preprocessor
 PIC  Programmable Interrupt Controller
 PICMG  PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer’s Group
 PID  Proportional Integral Derivative
 PIF  Program Information File
 PIM  Personal Information Manager
 PIN  Personal Identification Number
 PIO  Programmed (Parallel) Input / Output
 PIR  Passive InfraRed
 PIROM  Processor Information ROM
 PISCES  Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System
 PIXEL  PICture ELement
 PLA  Programmable Logic Array
 PLC  Programmable Logic Controller
 PLCC  Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
 PLL  Phase Locked Loop
 PM  Preventive Maintenance
 PME  Power Management Event
 PMOS  Positively doped Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
 PNG  Portable Network Graphics
 PnP  Plug-and-Play
 POE  Power Over Ethernet
 PON  Passive Optical Network
 POP  Point Of Presence
 POI  Point of Interest
 POP / POP3  Post Office Protocol / Post Office Protocol version 3
 POSI (POSIX)  Portable Operating System Interface
 POST  Power On Self Test
 PPI  Pixels Per Inch
 PPM  Post Programable Memory
 PPM  Pulse-per-Minute
 PPP  Point-to-Point Protocol
 PPS  Pulse-per-Second
 PQFP  Plastic Quad Flat Pack
 PRI  Primary Rate Interface
 PROM  Programmable Read Only Memory
 PRP  Parallel Redundancy Protocol
 PSIPC  PCI Super I/O Integrated Peripheral Controller
 PSTN  Public Switched Telephone Network
 PTE  Page Table Entry
 PTP  Precision Time Protocol
 PTZ  Pan-Tilt-Zoom (camera)
 PUA  Potentially Unwanted Application
 PUP  Potentially Unwanted Program
 PWM  Pulse-Width Modulation
 PWS  Personal Web Server
 PXB  PCI eXpansion Bridge
 PXE  Pre-Boot eXecution Environment
 PXI  PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

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