Компютърни Акроними - S

Акронима - съкращение, образувано от началните букви на други думи!

 SAL  System Abstraction Layer
 SAM  Sequential Access Memory
 SAN  Storage Area Network
 SASI  Shugart Associates Standard Interface
 SATA  Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
 SAX  Simple API for XML
 SBAS  Satellite-Based Augmentation System(s)
 SBML  Systems Biology Markup Language
 SBO  Snoop Back Off
 SCI  Serial Communication Interface
 SCI  Special Circumstance Instructions
 SCK  Synchronic ClocK
 SCSI  Small Computer Systems Interface
 SD  Security Descriptor
 SD  Single Density
 SDLC  Synchronous Data Link Control
 SDO  Service Data Object
 SDRAM  Synchronous Dynamic RAM
 SDRAM DDR II  Double Data Rate SDRAM
 SDRAM BDDR II  Bi-Directional Strobed DDR SDRAM
 SE  Systems Engineer
 SEC  Single Edge Contact
 SECC  Single Edge Contact Cartridge
 SFF  Small Form Factor
 SEO  Search Engine Optimization
 SFX  SelF eXtracting (File)
 SGML  Standard Generalized Markup Language
 SGRAM  Synchronous Graphics RAM
 S/H  Sample & Hold
 SHA  Secure Hash Algorithm (version 0, 1, 2, 3)
 SHARC  Super Harvard Architecture Computer
 SIG  Special Interest Group
 SIM  Subscriber Identity Module
 SIMD  Single-Instruction Multiple-Data
 SIMM  Single Inline Memory Module
 SIO  Super Input / Output
 SIPP  Single Inline Pinned Package
 SIR  Serial InfraRed
 SISD  Single-Instruction Single-Data
 SISSL  Sun Industry Standards Source License
 SJW  Resynchronization Jump Width
 SLDC  Serial Level (Synchronic Link) Data Connection
 SLDRAM  SynLink Dynamic RAM
 SLIP  Serial Line Internet Protocol
 SMA  Simple Moving Average
 S.M.A.R.T.  Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
 SMBUS  System Management Bus
 SMD  Surface Mount Device
 SMI  System Management Interrupt
 SMP  Symmetric Multi-Processing
 SMS  Simple/Short Message Service
 SMSC  SMS Center
 SMT  Surface Mount Technology
 SMT  Symmetric Multi-Threading
 SMTP  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
 SNA  System Network Architecture
 SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
 SNR  Signal to Noise Ratio
 SNTP  Simple Network Time Protocol
 SO/SOL  Small Out Line
 SOF  Start Of Frame/File
 SOI  Silicon-on-Insulator
 SOIC  Small Outline Integrated Circuit
 SONAR  Sound and Navigation Ranging
 SOS  Second Order Statistics
 SP  Stack Pointer
 SP  Service Provider
 SPA  Super Pipeline Architecture
 SPDIF  Serial Data Interface
 SPI  Serial Peripheral Interface
 SPOOL  Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On Line
 SPOT  Smart Personal Objects Technology
 SPP  Standard Parallel Port
 SPT  Sectors Per Track
 SPU  Single Processor Unit
 SQL  Structured Query Language
 SRAM  Static Random Access Memory
 SRC  Sample Rate Converter
 SRP  Software Restriction Policies
 SS  Single Sided
 SS  Stack Segment
 SSA  Super Scalar Architecture
 SSB  Single SideBand
 SSB  Solid State Battery
 SSD  Solid-State Drive
 SSE  Streaming SIMD Extensions
 SSE2  Streaming SIMD Extensions 2
 SSH  Secure SHell
 SSL  Secure Sockets Layer
 SLAT  Second Level Address Translation
 STDM  Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing
 STN  Super Twisted Nematic
 STR  Suspend To RAM
 STU  Streaming Tape Unit
 SVG  Scalable Vector Graphics
 SVGA  Super Video Graphics Array

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